Friday, January 7, 2011

Oh Shit, Look What I Did There!

So, I'm currently snowed in. I fly back to North Carolina tomorrow afternoon, and instead of spending my last day hanging with friends, I'm sitting in my room in a sweatshirt and leggings, doing absolutely nothing productive.

Go me.

But anyway, with my boredom and ridiculous amount of cabin fever, I let myself be convinced by some friends to make a Tumblr. Which I'll be a lot better about using because it's a smaller thing than these blog posts. I usually have a ton of shit to share, I just never have enough to write an entire post about whatever it is.

Soooo here's the link to my Tumblr. It'd be pretty cool if you followed.

I'll still write here sometimes though, when I have more to say.

Soooo yeah. That's about it haha.

Monday, December 27, 2010

The Last 12 Hours

So, what happens when a huge blizzard attacks your town, and your ex/best friend is snowed in with you, with a football game where both of your teams playing against each other?


But I'm too lazy to tell stories, so I'm posting pictures. Basically we spent the evening watching movies and drinking hot cocoa while curled up in front of the fireplace in sweats giving each other hell and talking about stuff/people in our lives.

We were good when the game was going on, as you can see by the concentration on our faces (I accidentally pressed the picture button and didn't realize it). Then as the Packers pulled ahead (hellll yeah!), he gave up and decided to be a pest.

I was laughing so hard during this one and tried to stop. It didn't work.

So waking up this morning we had almost 2 feet of snow on the ground. The roads are clearing up already, so Ex is home with his family. My mom asked him to stay longer because he lives in bum fuck nowhere, and the roads out there are complete shit...and his car is only 2 wheel drive. But it's his sister's birthday and he was determined to get home.

It doesn't look like Queenie's happy, but she is. She's just terribly afraid of cameras.

Definition of our relationship.

But so upon finally venturing outside, we were met by some very snowy dogs

Aaaand this is the graveyard in town:

The snow has made everything so pretty, but it's windy as hell and cold out there. So I'm planning on spending the day curled up with some books and the giant tin of peppermint bark I got for Christmas (this stuff is my absolutely favorite. Ohmygosh so good.). But first, a long hot shower is calling my name.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Awkward Situations I Get Myself Into

So, here's a little fact about me.

I talk fairly fast. Sometimes, if I'm distracted, I'll combine phrases or words which most of the time are harmless. Other times, they make my life extremely awkward. Most of the time, I could care less, especially if I'm with friends. Though there are just some instances where I say the wrong things to the wrong people. Here are three stories, the last of which happened today.

I never used to be a flexible person. Then I started doing yoga and BAM, I could touch the floor no problem.

Come to think of it, I should start that up again sometime soon.

Anyway, one day I went into my parent's room to talk to my mom. I don't remember when this was (it could have been summer or fall break...probably the latter) and I was talking about how much yoga helped with my flexibility, and how proud I was. I used to barely be able to go down to my knees and now it's to the floor. C'mon! Totally impressive. My mom asked me to show her, and as I reached down to touch the floor I said "See how amazing I am at bending over?"

I'm a winner, right?

I hadn't realized what I said until I got upright, but still. The damage was done. My mom luckily didn't catch on but still. Needless to say, I felt uncomfortable.

Story two happened a couple weeks ago. You know those days when you know you're going to get absolutely shitfaced wasted, and then the next morning you don't feel alive until 4 pm and the smell of the liquor from that night (oy, rum) still makes you feel a little queasy a couple weeks later? Yeah. I had one of those nights, the friday before I left for home. So, knowing the night was going to end in a haze, I made sure my phone was fully charged, I removed numbers I didn't want to drunkenly contact, and I set up a guaranteed driver who was going to be in all night and therefor fully sober and trustworthy.

This guy was my German TA, who's actually become a good friend of mine. I'm going to call him TA, because it's easy that way.

But anyway, apparently sometime around 3 or 4 am I evidently texted him to come pick me up. He asked directions to the party I was at, and sent a now infamous text.

Just so you know, when I text, I have proper spelling, grammar, the whole shebang. When I'm drunk, I do my best but sometimes stop giving a shit. I was trying hard to text properly, because, well, fuck I needed a ride back to campus, and I wasn't in a condition to stand straight (this is actually confirmed. The next day, TA said as he drove past me I was teetering over), much less walk over a mile.

Anyway, he had texted me for directions to where I was and I *think* I meant to type "Go straight down college road and you'll see me".

What did I actually send to my TA?

"Go straight down me"

After that, he apparently called me to get my location and I got back to my room in one piece and passed the fuck out, but still. He likes to give me hell about that any chance he can. I can officially say I've accidentally sexually propositioned my TA. So proud.

Okay, so here's the story that happened today. I was over at Ex's place where we were having a movie marathon, and I said something to insult him so we started running around and throwing stuff at each other, completely jokingly. Pretty normal, for the two of us. So my mom always warns me to play nice with him, because while my personal life is beyond complicated, Ex still vocalizes his feelings for me regularly, and I try my best to not send any wrong signals.

Anyway, my mom knew I was over there and gave me a quick call to ask about my ideas for modifying the recipe for tonight's dinner. Right before she called, my calf cramped up (fairly normal for me) so Ex took it upon himself to help massage the knot out. Not a big deal, seeing as he's done it at least a hundred times before.

But so I pick up my phone, completely breathless, over at my ex boyfriend's house who is currently massaging my calf. Because of all the funny faces he was making along with getting the pain out of my calf, I was only half listening to what my mom was saying. The rest of my concentration was on keeping a straight face. I did the usual "uh huh"s and "sounds good"s, and as she finished up talking about the recipe, I said (or so I thought) "That sounds good". My mom then got kind of awkward, said she'd talk to me later, and hung up the phone.

As I hung up, with my calf feeling fine, Ex burst out in hysterics. I asked him what the hell had happened, and he asked me if I had any idea what I actually said to my mother. Saying what I thought I said, he started laughing again and shook his head. When I asked him what I actually said, he replied "That feels good". I evidently combined "That sounds good" and "I feel that", both of which are phrases I say regularly.

Now, with anyone else, it wouldn't have been so bad. But to my mother, when she knew I was over at Ex's house (and everyone and their mother's uncle knows he and I used to go at it like teenage sex starved rabbits), while I was completely out of breath and spaced out, I could only imagine what she thought.

Though I just saw her and she gave me a look when I walked in the door which I felt less than comfortable with.

I give up on life. I just do.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Look! Another Post!

Every family has traditions. Mine doesn't have too many, but when Christmas rolls around, that's when they hit for the most part. Ever since I was in middle school, at least, my family has gone to cut down our own Christmas tree.

Isn't it gorgeous?

But so last year, my family did it without me....but this year they waited! So yesterday, my first full day after getting in, we finally went. After the quiet but incredibly scenic drive north (which yet again reminded me just how different the roads are here compared to North Carolina), we arrived at the tree place. My mom scolded me for wearing Converse (I hadn't packed any rainboots and the only boots that are in bad enough shape are my favorite and I'm taking them to get fixed. Don't need to kill them more)

My mom asked me to try to get this picture of a bird for some reason

She loves it.

So I found a tree immediately, my sister found one, but my mom felt the need to look at every single tree on the property. The picture way up there? Not even 1/5 of the entire...forest? So my mom went on a hunt, but I stuck by my decision. Eventually, mine was chosen (as per always) while my sister complained that we never get a fat tree.

I scolded my mom that she was prejudice against fat trees and she laughed. I think she's finally understanding my sense of humor.

So afterwards we went to this little cafe we always go to, except it used to be owned by an English family so it was thoroughly English, but now it isn't anymore. Still, the food was amazing.

The rest of the day was as amazing as that part was. I ended up hanging out with Ex and getting coffee and then just chilling around his place talking out and watching movies. Unfortunately, for some reason, I fell temporarily ill, and ended up curling up in the fetal position on his bed for two hours while he ran around trying to make me feel better and hunt down Pepto. It's seemed as though he's taken on my line of "I like you better not dying". He offered to make food, but that just made me feel sick, so I stuck to Pepto and water while his ridiculously overweight white and orange cat Oliver sat and stared at me.

He then dropped me off at Pealo's house where we picked up her boyfriend and another friend of mine (I'm in the process of coming up with nicknames), and we went to our favorite coffee house where Pealo's boyfriend and I bonded over talking about British comedians (his father is from London), and then we went and hung out at Barnes and Noble and read. Because there's honestly nothing to do around here.

Though I when I walked through the Bible section, guy-friend-who-is-not-Pealo's-boyfriend made a comment that he was amazed that they didn't burst into flame. Haha.

We attempted to go hunt down this one house with amazing Christmas lights, but failed. We still laughed until we cried though. Put three incredibly offensive people in a car with one innocent one, and hell will absolutely break loose. My stomach still hurts from laughing.

Okay. Done. I'll try to keep writing. But I've gotta get big kid clothes on as Ex is coming over and we're getting coffee before I spend my day baking cookies and decorating the tree (further tradition with my family).

[Insert witty post ending here. I'm in a rush, goddamnit]

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fresh Start

So, I know I haven't written in a goddamn blue moon but let me just tell you that this semester only kind of kicked my ass.

I say "only kind of" because while the work wasn't terribly hard, there was a fuckton of it. Because I'm a double major (History and Religion), I have a ton of reading and a ton of writing constantly. As in 2500 words a week in journals alone, not to mention German exams and quizzes, along with presentations and extra essays. Though it means I can crank out 4,000 words in under six hours (that's roughly 16 pages, double spaced), like I did earlier today. Yeah. I'm just that awesome.


I handed in my last final today. So while it's cold to the point I want to die outside and the cold makes my face go numb...

Quick tangent here:

I'm sick and tired of people saying "Oh you can't be cold! You're from New York!" No. Shut the fuck up. It's RARELY in the low 20's in New York for one, and two the wind chill here is on some sort of steroid. Not to mention, I've been here for almost two complete years. It's called climate adjustment. I'm used to North Carolina weather. Stop fucking acting ignorant.

Ahem. Sorry there. Anywho. Where was I? Oh. Right.

...I'm free to finally relax. I don't leave North Carolina until Friday so from now until then I get to sleep, be domestic (laundry, clean, run errands), and drink here and there. Though how I'm supposed to do so little in two and a half goddamn days, I'll never know.

So right now Foodie are curled up in our parallel beds, she's watching something (though I can't tell what because I'm listening to music and have awesome noise canceling headphones) and I can't help but be reminded of the grandparents from Willie Wonka

Oh well. I'm warm and cozy and quite content with my iTunes, and don't plan on moving until a method of acquiring a bottle of red wine is figured out.

Don't you love my priorities? I sure do.

Oh, and if you noticed all my older posts are gone? Yeah. Kind of did that on purpose. I dunno why though. Just kind of felt like it, I suppose. Probably because it's almost a year ago that I started this thing.