Sunday, December 19, 2010

Look! Another Post!

Every family has traditions. Mine doesn't have too many, but when Christmas rolls around, that's when they hit for the most part. Ever since I was in middle school, at least, my family has gone to cut down our own Christmas tree.

Isn't it gorgeous?

But so last year, my family did it without me....but this year they waited! So yesterday, my first full day after getting in, we finally went. After the quiet but incredibly scenic drive north (which yet again reminded me just how different the roads are here compared to North Carolina), we arrived at the tree place. My mom scolded me for wearing Converse (I hadn't packed any rainboots and the only boots that are in bad enough shape are my favorite and I'm taking them to get fixed. Don't need to kill them more)

My mom asked me to try to get this picture of a bird for some reason

She loves it.

So I found a tree immediately, my sister found one, but my mom felt the need to look at every single tree on the property. The picture way up there? Not even 1/5 of the entire...forest? So my mom went on a hunt, but I stuck by my decision. Eventually, mine was chosen (as per always) while my sister complained that we never get a fat tree.

I scolded my mom that she was prejudice against fat trees and she laughed. I think she's finally understanding my sense of humor.

So afterwards we went to this little cafe we always go to, except it used to be owned by an English family so it was thoroughly English, but now it isn't anymore. Still, the food was amazing.

The rest of the day was as amazing as that part was. I ended up hanging out with Ex and getting coffee and then just chilling around his place talking out and watching movies. Unfortunately, for some reason, I fell temporarily ill, and ended up curling up in the fetal position on his bed for two hours while he ran around trying to make me feel better and hunt down Pepto. It's seemed as though he's taken on my line of "I like you better not dying". He offered to make food, but that just made me feel sick, so I stuck to Pepto and water while his ridiculously overweight white and orange cat Oliver sat and stared at me.

He then dropped me off at Pealo's house where we picked up her boyfriend and another friend of mine (I'm in the process of coming up with nicknames), and we went to our favorite coffee house where Pealo's boyfriend and I bonded over talking about British comedians (his father is from London), and then we went and hung out at Barnes and Noble and read. Because there's honestly nothing to do around here.

Though I when I walked through the Bible section, guy-friend-who-is-not-Pealo's-boyfriend made a comment that he was amazed that they didn't burst into flame. Haha.

We attempted to go hunt down this one house with amazing Christmas lights, but failed. We still laughed until we cried though. Put three incredibly offensive people in a car with one innocent one, and hell will absolutely break loose. My stomach still hurts from laughing.

Okay. Done. I'll try to keep writing. But I've gotta get big kid clothes on as Ex is coming over and we're getting coffee before I spend my day baking cookies and decorating the tree (further tradition with my family).

[Insert witty post ending here. I'm in a rush, goddamnit]

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