Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fresh Start

So, I know I haven't written in a goddamn blue moon but let me just tell you that this semester only kind of kicked my ass.

I say "only kind of" because while the work wasn't terribly hard, there was a fuckton of it. Because I'm a double major (History and Religion), I have a ton of reading and a ton of writing constantly. As in 2500 words a week in journals alone, not to mention German exams and quizzes, along with presentations and extra essays. Though it means I can crank out 4,000 words in under six hours (that's roughly 16 pages, double spaced), like I did earlier today. Yeah. I'm just that awesome.


I handed in my last final today. So while it's cold to the point I want to die outside and the cold makes my face go numb...

Quick tangent here:

I'm sick and tired of people saying "Oh you can't be cold! You're from New York!" No. Shut the fuck up. It's RARELY in the low 20's in New York for one, and two the wind chill here is on some sort of steroid. Not to mention, I've been here for almost two complete years. It's called climate adjustment. I'm used to North Carolina weather. Stop fucking acting ignorant.

Ahem. Sorry there. Anywho. Where was I? Oh. Right.

...I'm free to finally relax. I don't leave North Carolina until Friday so from now until then I get to sleep, be domestic (laundry, clean, run errands), and drink here and there. Though how I'm supposed to do so little in two and a half goddamn days, I'll never know.

So right now Foodie are curled up in our parallel beds, she's watching something (though I can't tell what because I'm listening to music and have awesome noise canceling headphones) and I can't help but be reminded of the grandparents from Willie Wonka

Oh well. I'm warm and cozy and quite content with my iTunes, and don't plan on moving until a method of acquiring a bottle of red wine is figured out.

Don't you love my priorities? I sure do.

Oh, and if you noticed all my older posts are gone? Yeah. Kind of did that on purpose. I dunno why though. Just kind of felt like it, I suppose. Probably because it's almost a year ago that I started this thing.

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