Monday, December 27, 2010

The Last 12 Hours

So, what happens when a huge blizzard attacks your town, and your ex/best friend is snowed in with you, with a football game where both of your teams playing against each other?


But I'm too lazy to tell stories, so I'm posting pictures. Basically we spent the evening watching movies and drinking hot cocoa while curled up in front of the fireplace in sweats giving each other hell and talking about stuff/people in our lives.

We were good when the game was going on, as you can see by the concentration on our faces (I accidentally pressed the picture button and didn't realize it). Then as the Packers pulled ahead (hellll yeah!), he gave up and decided to be a pest.

I was laughing so hard during this one and tried to stop. It didn't work.

So waking up this morning we had almost 2 feet of snow on the ground. The roads are clearing up already, so Ex is home with his family. My mom asked him to stay longer because he lives in bum fuck nowhere, and the roads out there are complete shit...and his car is only 2 wheel drive. But it's his sister's birthday and he was determined to get home.

It doesn't look like Queenie's happy, but she is. She's just terribly afraid of cameras.

Definition of our relationship.

But so upon finally venturing outside, we were met by some very snowy dogs

Aaaand this is the graveyard in town:

The snow has made everything so pretty, but it's windy as hell and cold out there. So I'm planning on spending the day curled up with some books and the giant tin of peppermint bark I got for Christmas (this stuff is my absolutely favorite. Ohmygosh so good.). But first, a long hot shower is calling my name.

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